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[Pinned] About Us

[Pinned] About Us

AnarchyWe are a 10 man raiding guild on Stormrage-EU.We have no age, gender or nationality requirements.We host a handful of Brits, Swedes, Greeks, Belgians a Czech and a Dane, as-well as many others from all over Europe. With a wide range of age...
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How come no-one ever visits me anymore?

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Selling the Madness Heroic Mount

Hello!Anarchy are now selling Heroic Dragon Soul Mount runs on the Stormrage server.We're offering two packages. 1) Heroic Madness only. 100k- Madness of Deathwing heroic Mount.- "Saviour of Azeroth" title.- Any weapon you need. 2) Full Heroic cle...
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My spam in your spam hole

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