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(Dec 24, 2014)
Merry Christmas!
(Dec 24, 2014)
Merry Christmas everyone!
(Dec 23, 2014)
i hope everyone relax and have fun during the holidays! Rested and ready for raiding over the new years ;) Merry x-mas and a happy new years!
(Dec 18, 2014)
Paragon VS Imperator Mar'gok Mythic
(Dec 15, 2014)
Reallylooks like thelogs are of - both of them :(
(Dec 11, 2014)
Feral VS Ko'ragh:
(Dec 07, 2014) Should be enough for a couple of pulls
(Dec 05, 2014)
Mass Dispel modified by Glyph of Mass Dispel should no longer incorrectly dispel Cyclones cast by a friendly player! FUCK YEAH!
(Dec 05, 2014)
6.1 we’re going to be improving our flight path system to always take the most direct route between two points, even if you have not discovered some of the intermediate nodes. <3
(Dec 05, 2014)
Blizzard Q&A: "How do you guys determine what will become a toy?" Answer: "We throw back a shot of vodka and take aim at the "toy or not-toy" dartboard. ;]" I believe that!
(Nov 28, 2014)
Items contained within the Challenger's Strongbox and item rewards received from a Garrison invasion now have a chance to be Warforged, contain a socket, or tertiary stats.
(Nov 27, 2014)
Nerfing Beacon.. Not fair D:
(Nov 26, 2014)
wtf. warlocks got an insane buff... as they did so crap damage before..... yeah... GG blizz
(Nov 26, 2014)
Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator) Holy Beacon of Light sound effects should no longer be excessively loud.
(Nov 21, 2014) For those finding it hard to get the gear req. for HC dung and MC lfr