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Submitted on: Dec 06, 2014 at 10:31 PM






Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello everyone, I am mostly known as Kender or Yuu in the gaming universe. In real life I tend to keep to myself, choose friends who stick around for long and share my interests. I am currently awaiting an admission to a school abroad, and have large amounts of freedom for the time being, which isn't to say I won't have after! In games I strive to perform to the fullest of my own and my character's capabilities, though I have a tendency to be stubborn about things, namely changes, with the right amount of reason I do switch things around if necessary. In the end it's all to make stuff die, and when stuff dies everyone is happy.

Race and Class
Draenei Paladin


Do you keep an up-to-date Off-spec, and are you willing to play it if/when required?

Off spec is tuned for pvp, and currently unused.

Your Raiding History

My very first raid experience was pugging Naxxramas at the time, my first raiding guild cleared Trial of the Crusader on heroic, earning us the tribute to mad skill! With guilds fleeting by and people coming and going, I cleared the rest of the raids without much more outstanding accomplishments, all the way up to Dragon Soul, where I once more took on heroics with a bunch of friends, and making great progress!
In Pandaria, once more in a new guild I tried myself out in 25 man raiding, (everything mentioned before was done on 10.) and learned how it works to operate as one with so many other people. Resulting in a real first 25 man heroic Mogu'shan Vaults clear, and other various HC endeavors in the other raids.
Unfortunately the guild once more fell apart and I found myself on a new realm with new people for the Siege of Orgrimmar content, this time not much in the way of heroic, just normal clears.

What are you looking for in a guild?

In a guild, I prefer to be at good terms with everyone, and never make enemies, good spirits is the best way to keep people together, and to encourage every member to keep on going. Bickering over gear and shinies is no way to think about things when in a guild. On the other hand I do like mistakes being admitted, as I'd admit my own. In other words, I expect the same what's expected of me. All in all, a guild in my opinion is where one can live the endgame with others, and have fun while doing so, after all, it's what the game is supposed to be about.

Are you able to attend our raid days/times?

I am.

Do you have a Mic and Mumble?

I do.

World of Logs link or equivalent (if available)

Afraid I don't have anything like this!

Which has a higher mass?

A Moonkin

Any additional information?

I am applying alongside my friend, Aendria, hoping we both are accepted, thanks for reading!

Also, puffer fish are the best ever.



Relate to the post on Aendria's application.
thx for your Application. good luck
Hello János,

I'm glad to say, due to recent endeavors, that we now have a position for both you and Anders (Aendría), if you would like to contact me ingame through the battle-tag: Havagin#2874 I will happily invite you both. However, it'll mean Anders will have to re-roll to their Restoration Shaman (which I wouldn't really see as a bad thing!).

Thank you, and I'll see you ingame!


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