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Submitted on: Dec 06, 2014 at 11:38 PM

Anders Thomsen





Tell us a bit about yourself

Uh-oh, but how do I start when I have already informed you my name, age, and location. At any rate, I can quickly summarise what I do in real life. I have been studying for a degree in history for the past one and a half year, but now I am on a break from that as I wish to try my luck at acquiring an English degree instead - something I cannot work on until autumn rolls around (at which point I will still be available for raids of course). Since all I do to occupy myself at the moment is small-time work, this leaves me with quite a bit of time to indulge in WoW and other things I feel passionate about. Apart from playing WoW (which with the launch of WoD admittedly takes up a sizable chunk of my time), I enjoy reading (fantasy, history, science), watching films and series (lots of genres), and playing other games - current favourites being grand strategy games like Europe Universalis 4 and Crusader Kings 2, and the perennial favourite that is Team Fortress 2. While playing WoW, I enjoy achievement hunting and experiencing all aspects of the game in general. I also really enjoy min-maxing and doing what I can to make sure I am on top of my class on a boss-to-boss basis - that class being hunter which I have played since 2005 (with a break to play a bear druid of all things in TBC). I have mained the character I am applying as since early 2009 and do like to think of myself as a decent hunter. While I enjoy all three hunter specs, I find Survival the most fun with the current version of Marksmanship not too far behind.

Race and Class
Draenei Hunter


Do you keep an up-to-date Off-spec, and are you willing to play it if/when required?

Out of all three hunter specs, I have played Survival by far the most. I keep it up to date and ready for use.

Your Raiding History

My first raiding guild was one called "Cyber Army" on the server Executus. With them I raided Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, Ahn'Qiraj (20), Zul'Gurub and a tiny sliver of Blackwing Lair as a hunter way back in 2005. In the Burning Crusade I got to enjoy the wonders of Karazhan which still remains one of my favourite raids - if not my favourite. Without a guild for a long while, I mostly enjoyed tanking that and eventually Zul'Aman with a group of friends and acquaintances. At that point I played on Defias Brotherhood and eventually joined a guild called the Tempered Sun with which I got to experience Gruul and Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep. A close friend of mine convinced me to try something "better" by the time Wrath of the Lich King rolled around, and so I was off to play with the guild Ravenous on Horde-side Dunemaul as a Restoration druid. There we easily plowed through all the early WotLK content up to and including Sarth3D. In 2009 I rerolled as my current hunter and joined an Alliance-side guild on Argent Dawn called the Flaming Ruby with whom I raided on and off for much of the expansion. In Cataclysm I had a break from raiding until the last patch where I got to raid Dragon Soul - managing 6/8 HC with a 10-man guild whose name escapes me, but it broke up in early Pandaria at any rate. That is when I got to raid the early Pandaria raids with an awesome 25-man guild called Deathsworn Verdict on Defias Brotherhood (to which I returned) - managing a 6/6 HC clear of Mogu'shan Vaults along with four other HC bosses from Heart of Hear and Terrace of the Endless Springs. With many key members leaving in 5.2, I somewhat reluctantly decided to raid elsewhere. With a tip from a friend of mine at the time, I raided much of ToT on HC with a guild called Dark Glare on the Sha'tar, but since the guild did not have a very pleasant atmosphere, I decided to take a break from raiding in 5.3 - a break which has lasted until now.

What are you looking for in a guild?

I am looking for guild with a friendly atmosphere that nonetheless pushes and values progression without going into extremes. I am also looking to make new friends and to have new people to play the game with - also outside raiding. I can offer reliability, helpfulness, and friendliness of my own in turn - indeed I should be able to attend just about every raid and do what is required of preparations (watching videos, knowing which talents are best for which boss, bring the consumables needed and so on.)

Are you able to attend our raid days/times?

I am.

Do you have a Mic and Mumble?

I have both - although I think the latter could do with an update.

World of Logs link or equivalent (if available)

Deathsworn Verdict and some of my previous guilds had logs, but I do not think they exist anymore, so sadly I am not able to provide anything tangible.

Which has a higher mass?

A Moonkin

Any additional information?

It is a well-known fact that moonkins are extremely dense and weight more than most types of stars - including the Sun naturally. Apart from that, I am submitting this application with my close friend Yuulna as a "double" application. Since we do just about everything in the game together, it will be a "both or nothing" scenario which I realise can be a bit bothersome from an officer/guild leader's point of view, but we hope for the best anyway. This "both or nothing" scenario does not extend to the raiding itself, however - if you want to sit me out for a raid and take Yuulna, you are free to of course. We are not here to cause drama of any kind. :)

Here is some additional additional information:

Yuulna and I are about to level some alts together to be used as tanks/healers for Proving Grounds/CMs and in general. For me those alts are a warrior and a shaman/druid - I am happy to use either to stand in for a missing healer or tank if needed, although we most likely won't be gearing them too extensively. More alts may come - I have a mage that I am fond of, too, and I am sure there are others. By now I have a huge amount of 70-90's spread out over various servers. Some of these may be moved/leveled, but for "main" raiding, I do prefer my hunter.

My enchants and gems on Aendría are sort of cheapskates currently. I am looking into acquiring something better and will have the best I can for my epics at least. I am also looking for a Skull of War, but again - the prices are a bit steep. On a similar note my professions are tailoring and engineering, and while I do enjoy tailoring, I may replace it with leatherworking for another piece of gear (tailoring gives only cloak).

And here is a joke:
In the past Valley of the Four Winds was known simply as Valley, but one day in early Cataclysm, he had the idea of joining a raiding guild. There he got to kill Al'Aqir on heroic and acquired a title - hence his current name.



Just a little something to consider, the recruitment message specified that we are not currently looking for more melee or another hunter (or mage). But if you believe you may have the possibility of re-rolling to something more favorable to use, by all means, please do so ;)

Good luck.
Hello there and thanks for your response. :) I may have missed something really obvious, but the recruitment I see says that you are looking for 2 ranged (non-mage) and 1 melee - which could be us, but I take it that one is outdated, then?
Temporarily outdated, yes. But thank you for applying, if you feel like you still want to join Anarchy, I recommend that you re-roll to a class we need, eg: Warlock, Monk (Healer), etc.
Is there an updated list of what you need somewhere? I wouldn't as such mind rerolling to my healer shaman if that would make us both useful. That one needs to be leveled and geared ,though, but it should take little time to get it to at least heroic item level (like 630).
Only things we don't need for healers are Druid and Paladin, and for dps Hunter, Mage and all melee. Everything else is game atm.
Well, I guess if it's impossible for my friend to stay a ret paladin, then we'll have to decline. I'd be fine with rerolling any class, though. I do have everything at 90.
Hello Anders,

As you may have found out, you and János have been accepted into Anarchy, if you'd like to contact me ingame with the battle-tag Havagin#2874 then I would be more than happy to take you both into our ranks. We would, however, like you to re-roll to your Restoration Shaman as this would benefit us most at this time.

Congratulations on being accepted, and thank you!


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