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Submitted on: Dec 08, 2014 at 07:23 PM

Pace Cariofilis


17 in 2 months



Tell us a bit about yourself

Have mainly been in to PvP since the launch of cataclysm and would like to start raiding again. I have a lot of free time, which I mostly spend playing WoW with friends. I've played for about seven years, so even though I'm not that old I've had quite a lot of experience.

Race and Class
Human Death Knight


Do you keep an up-to-date Off-spec, and are you willing to play it if/when required?

I used to play unholy until recently and I am willing to go unholy if needed.

Your Raiding History

Raided mostly in Wrath, although never on a hardcore level. After ICC, the PvE just got boring so I only focused on PvP.

What are you looking for in a guild?

Social and dedicated members, mostly. I'd like to make some new friends to play the game with and have fun.

Are you able to attend our raid days/times?


Do you have a Mic and Mumble?


World of Logs link or equivalent (if available)

Which has a higher mass?

The Sun

Any additional information?



Well shit, I left out quite a lot of info, but I hope it doesn't matter too much. Also, I don't have to join the raid team, but would very much still like to join the guild if possible :D
Well Pace, I'm glad to say that we have exactly what you're looking for. We never have less than 8members online (Unless you are a night-owl, and log in at 3am, in which case, you'd probably find me), and we are also extremely dedicated to our cause, that cause being to have an immense amount of fun while remaining consistent at progression in raiding. Our members also consist of many different backgrounds, ranging from Norweejas (Norweigans) all the way to Russians. We're not just a Guild, we're a family, and this family is an ever-growing one. I would gladly take you into our family, but we'll have to see.

Final verdict will be given on Saturday (TM)

"ranging from Norweejas (Norweigans) all the way to Russians"

You know we Norweejas have a border to Russia? :P
^ That is living proof of the Norweejas existing.
Old application - Rejected

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