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Submitted on: Jan 17, 2015 at 04:24 PM



Never ask a women her age. ;P



Tell us a bit about yourself

I enjoy many games but love Wow and Raiding.

I am always on time and mostly organized. I bring my own pots, flasks, food and such to raids.

Race and Class
Night Elf Druid


Do you keep an up-to-date Off-spec, and are you willing to play it if/when required?

I do try (tank) and am willing to.

Your Raiding History

I started playing at the end of Vanilla on the US servers from NZ. My first toon was a warrior. The first guild I was in was casual but they taught me to tank and I was the main tank for the guild. Although we mostly did Kara and Heroics through BC. Shortly before Wrath, I started raid healing and moved into a raiding guild. I was on the US servers back then. However, due to moving to Germany found that I could no longer keep the schedule most US realms required at the beginning of Cata. Tried to move to EU servers, but didn't enjoy the server that I started on. Moved back to US servers. Left Wow shortly there after. Come back to US WoW after SoO was released. Caught up, leveled up and started looking for a raiding home. Of course, did LFR but once again raiding times were an issue again. Boosting became available so jumped over to the EU again. Difference realm this time. I like this realm and the raiding times are quite compatible. I currently raid in my casual raiding guild as well as in a group on open raid. Now just need a home for raiding. I have only ever tanked or healed in raids.

What are you looking for in a guild?

I would like a nice guild that wants to progress through all content at a good pace.

Are you able to attend our raid days/times?


Do you have a Mic and Mumble?


World of Logs link or equivalent (if available)

see Qiaki's post

Which has a higher mass?

The Sun

Any additional information?

I would be also willing to gear up one of my other toons for healing or possible tanking, if needed.



Hello my friend :D im gonna tell to our officers about your app :D Good luck

Joda has explained why we have declined.

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