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Submitted on: Jan 21, 2015 at 04:18 PM

Greg (Evilwadre ingame)





Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi there! I'm a 26 years old soldier from hungari looking for a decent raiding guild. :) I'm working a lot but my attandance will be over 75% i guess except if we starting a war with some other countries... :P
Also i'm the friend of Yuu prolly he told some stuff about me already, but i'm here to make a nice application to make it legal lel... :P

Race and Class
Gnome Death Knight


Do you keep an up-to-date Off-spec, and are you willing to play it if/when required?


Your Raiding History

I got starcaller and astral walker from lk. Kicked from my guild befor HC LK chause i explained Freya HM tacts to one of my officers during a wipe fest raid, chauseso he forced us to do the normal stuff :D so 11/12 there. I skipped the last 2 expansion in terms of raiding chause they sucked hard in my opinion. Have ahed of curve on my warrior so i belive i know what i'm doing.

What are you looking for in a guild?

Friendly peeps, focused raiding, consistency. What else can i wish for? :P

Are you able to attend our raid days/times?


Do you have a Mic and Mumble?


World of Logs link or equivalent (if available)

Which has a higher mass?

A Moonkin

Any additional information?

i'm mad... :P



Hi everyone,

I'm not usually the one to comment or even read the forum section, but in this case I feel I should, since I recommended our guild to wader in the first place. I've known him since mid-WotLK, and at the time he'd be my warrior idol. He'd rarely flaunt his skills or accomplishments, even though his knowledge about the game exceeds the usual player by far, this is represented by both his PvE and PvP results. I've played my fair share with him in both regards over the years, mostly in previous expansion, since as we all know, pandaria repelled many old players, including him and myself. wader is a great asset to anything really, as he mentioned, knows what he is doing, adapts quickly and communicates well.

For the more objective questions, he is, for the moment wearing sub-optimal gear, which is due to having leveled up on Stormrage only recently, namely today. :P I'm sure however, that if he overcomes that first obstacle and becomes a substantial part of our raid group, he'll do great. His passion for warriors and DKs in unsurpassed.

Leadership, please consider picking him up. Long story short, he's a darn good player and will help us out in the long run, he has my vouch.


I shall point this out to our Officers and it should hopefully be accepted / declined on Saturday.

Good luck.
Thanks for kind words fellas! :)
Welcome Evilwadre,

Though a short app (#grumble :P), Yuu speaks extremely highly of you and your efforts to level up and gear have impressed us.

Feel free to /w Gràth, Tash, Joda or Jamie for an invite.

Thanks for applying and you will have great fun here :)

Grath, the Overlord of fun.

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