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Submitted on: Jan 27, 2015 at 10:33 PM





The Netherlands

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey, atm i m between jobs, i finish my studies social work but so far didn’t find a job. When i don’t play wow i m a scout leader. Making fires, eating marshmallows and building stuff. The rest i put in the subject your raiding history.

Race and Class
Gnome Warlock

Destro but i m trying to play demo as well, since you can do some nice damage with it. But need to practice more and then chance some gems and enchants.

Do you keep an up-to-date Off-spec, and are you willing to play it if/when required?

Yes sure, i always try to play all the specs (what gives the most dps)

Your Raiding History

After a break from more then 4 years, i started playing this expansion. Just too look around and nothing really serious. So i lvl some chars a paladin, druid, lock and dk. I raided the most (lvl 70 -80) on a lock and like to play it then and now. So i know that i still like to play a lock, but i miss the raiding and the teamwork to kill bosses. The search for a guild begun. I was looking what guild where on Stormrage and found Anarchy. I liked the information what your looking for in a member. I liked the part about wiping and still wann continue and try again. And the part that everybody makes mistakes and learn from them and do better next time. After wotlk I m reinventing the lock again.
The last time i raided was in wotlk and cleared the most raid instance (normal and some on hc). Have been in the guilds Non compos mentis and Denial (Dutch guild) on Trollbane (years ago). Now I m in de guild Illustrious but everybody is leaving atm, and its not because of me ;).

What are you looking for in a guild?

Nice people, having fun and at the same time to kill some bosses.

Are you able to attend our raid days/times?

The raid days are fine

Do you have a Mic and Mumble?


World of Logs link or equivalent (if available)

Don't have them

Which has a higher mass?

A Moonkin

Any additional information?

If there are questions I m happy to answer them.



Hello, just wanting to say that the raid days may be subject to change soon - But they also may not. I'm sure our great and mighty leader, Gràth will comment on this (If they will change).

Also, good luck with your application!

~Jamie / Sinc.

Which has a higher mass?
A Moonkin

Tnx :), with raiding i m flexibel.
Accepted - Message: 'Jamie, Tash, Gràth, Discoqt or Joda' for an invite.

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